Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015

Avengers: Age of Ultron (2015)

Evaluation: 7.3 (Votes: 14251)

Movie Adventure, Action, Science Fiction "Avengers: Age of Ultron" Torrent is rated with 7.3 points out of 10 on IMDb (Internet Movie Database) according to 14251 ratings by critics. Film is released in 2015-04-22 by Marvel Studios, . The main stars are Mark Ruffalo, Julie Delpy, Scarlett Johansson, Andy Serkis, Stellan Skarsgård, Linda Cardellini, Don Cheadle, Samuel L. Jackson, Robert Downey Jr., Thomas Kretschmann, Paul Bettany, Henry Goodman, Stan Lee, James Spader, Chris Evans, Josh Brolin, Jeremy Renner, Idris Elba, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, Julian Bleach, Hayley Atwell, Aaron Himelstein, Anthony Mackie, Kerry Condon, Cobie Smulders, Chris Hemsworth, Elizabeth Olsen, Barry Aird, Christopher Beasley, Vuyo Dabula, Dominique Provost-Chalkley, Isaac Andrews, Brian Schaeffer, Nondumiso Tembe, Daniel Westwood, Dilyana Bouklieva, Claudia Kim, Isabella Poynton, Imogen Poynton, Nick W. Nicholson, Joti Nagra, Bentley Kalu, Ingvild Deila, Antony Acheampong, Alma Noce, Mandla Gaduka, Ben Sakamoto, Ian Kay, . The length of the whole piece is 141 minutes.

Original title: Avengers: Age of Ultron
Slogan: A New Age Has Come.
Release date 2015-04-22
Duration: 141 Min
Country: United States of America
State: Released
Budget: 280000000
Commissions: 1405403694

Avengers: Age of Ultron 2015 - Download Torrent limetorrents RARBG EZTV TORRENT9 1337X ZOOQLE KickAss YIFY TORRENTZ2 Streaming Magnet - When Tony Stark tries to jumpstart a dormant peacekeeping program, things go awry and Earth’s Mightiest Heroes are put to the ultimate test as the fate of the planet hangs in the balance. As the villainous Ultron emerges, it is up to The Avengers to stop him from enacting his terrible plans, and soon uneasy alliances and unexpected action pave the way for an epic and unique global adventure.

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Critic Avengers: Age of Ultron Reviews

Critic Reviews

Steve Persall

MetaScore: 83 AddDate: 04-29-2015 Autor: Steve Persall

As usual, psychological anguish is a key element of Marvel heroes. Age of Ultron boasts a cast of actors that "serious" filmmakers would kill for, so the gravitas they're capable of conveying amid such outlandish fantasy is the franchise's stealth advantage.

Joe Neumaier

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 04-28-2015 Autor: Joe Neumaier

Avengers: Age of Ultron is a kinetic, wicked mix of muscle and magic. Look no further if you want a world of superpowered freaks and geeks. But be aware: It comes at a cost. Vaporized in the parade of action and characters is the wonder and simplicity of its first, superior entry.

Steven Rea

MetaScore: 63 AddDate: 05-01-2015 Autor: Steven Rea

The thing's a behemoth. And as the franchise thunders on, it's also becoming more and more a bore.

Tim Grierson

MetaScore: 70 AddDate: 04-21-2015 Autor: Tim Grierson

Whedon and his large, capable cast (even larger for this follow-up) deliver enough adventure, laughs and flat-out spectacle to ensure that audiences will feel as if they have gotten their money’s worth, especially when Ultron zeroes in on the quiet humanity beneath the special effects.

Helen O'Hara

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 04-21-2015 Autor: Helen O'Hara

Bigger and, yes, darker than the first, this is less air-punchingly gleeful but probably more consistent. Thanks to Whedon and the most charismatic, compelling cast you’ll find anywhere, Age of Ultron redefines the scale we can expect from our superhero epics but still fits human-sized emotion amid the bombast.

Anthony Lane

MetaScore: 50 AddDate: 04-27-2015 Autor: Anthony Lane

First, you try to understand what the hell is going on. Then you slowly realize that you will never understand what is going on. And, last, you wind up with the distinct impression that, if there was anything to understand, it wasn’t worth the sweat.

Peter Travers

MetaScore: 88 AddDate: 04-23-2015 Autor: Peter Travers

A whole summer of fireworks packed into one movie. It doesn't just go to 11, it starts there.

Marc Mohan

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 04-30-2015 Autor: Marc Mohan

As I sat slavishly (and needlessly) through the entire end credit roll, it was hard to muster anything more fervent than "Yeah, it was pretty good." Even a clean, white hate would have somehow been more satisfying.

Scott Foundas

MetaScore: 80 AddDate: 04-21-2015 Autor: Scott Foundas

The new movie is a sleeker, faster, funnier piece of work — the sort of sequel (like “Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan,” “Superman II” and “Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom” before it) that shrugs off the self-seriousness of its predecessor and fully embraces its inner Saturday-morning serial.

Rene Rodriguez

MetaScore: 75 AddDate: 04-29-2015 Autor: Rene Rodriguez

Whedon knows this is all nonsense, but it can be great fun, too. Age of Ultron is all rush and sensation with little substance. But what a feeling.